Thursday, 4 October 2012

Model Questions Set 1

1.It has made its way to the dictionary recently. Mix of the words Farming and phishing.
2.Logo of ?
3.GUI and primary visual theme of Apple Inc.'s Mac OS X operating system. It is based around the theme of water, as its name suggests. Its goal is to "incorporate color, depth, translucence, and complex textures into a visually appealing interface"
4.Previous logo(something related to that), was A & G. Selected the new logo that would have longevity, sensible etc.
5.IBM recently banned X in its offices. The reason was because X shipped everything like data secrets, plans to Maiden. They feared that Apple HQ might know about their plans through the Maiden(place) storing all the data. What is X?
6.In internet terminology, what is chokepacket?
Ans:  ?

7.Greek goddess of Sound + Columbia Pictures + something else
8.Owner of one of the largest online retail stores + Blue origin systems
Ans:Jeff Bezos
9.One of Europe’s largest telecom companies + logo is known as “Piper”
Ans:British Telecom
10.Designers of the Olympic Torch+Something else
11.A question on Big Ben. TCS recently created a watch in Mumbai which resembles the design of a monumental place in the world. 
Ans:Big Ben
12.Headed TCS in 1969(buzzer)
Ans:F C Kohli
13.Became the youngest CEO at some point of time..
Ans:N Chandrasekaran
14.iPhone + Zynga + a video on some zynga thing
15.Windows ph 7 + skype + ONF + video of Sabeer Bhatia
16.Psion + Accenture + Maria Sharapova + Nokia Lumia Jingle video
17.It is a set of social conventions that a user must follow..(buzz)
18.Which Indian pioneer wanted to make “better sound…(buzz)
19.A trialware or demoware..(buzz)
Ans:Shareware is a network from whom ?

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