Saturday, 6 October 2012

Tips For Tcs it wiz

TCS IT WIZ, India's Largest inter-school Tech quiz organized by Tata Consultancy Services has been participated by thousands of students.It's regionals are conducted in 14 cities and the winners of the regionals will participate in the National Finals.Here we give some suggestions for the better preparation for the grand TCS IT WIZ.

  •   Look Up Trending Topics in the year - Check the latest things on Tech and study about the major events happened in the year (eg:- Facebook acquired Instgram , popular game 'Angry Birds',check about Steve Jobs because he just died in the past October(hmm TCS IT Wiz Kochi 2012 is on his first death aneversary),Look about John McCarthy also)

  • TV Shows - Watch TV programs related technology such as Gadget Guru, Cell Guru( NDTV Profit) which will help you a for the quiz.

  • Refer Wikipedia - Most of the questions asked in the TCS IT Wiz are directly taken from its Wikipedia pages.So make sure that you didn't missed the Wikipedia pages of the famous companies and softwares.If you get any information about new thing or Technology.Check out its wikipedia page and get more information about it.

  • Refer TCS IT Wiz Books – Refer the TCS IT Wiz books which they given in the past years(close look at the crosswords).And when you get the book before the prelims(2012), take a quick refer through It.

  • TV ads of Companies and Softwares – When you see Tech ads on TV.Take a watch at that and get the campaign or tagline of it (Windows – Works the way you want , Sony VAIO – Spark a trend etc.)
  • Companies And Founders - Study about the Famous Tech companies and their founders (eg: Cisco- Len Bosack , Sandy Lerner ..  etc)

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