Thursday, 4 October 2012

Model Questions Set 2

 1. Barry McCarthy quit as the CFO of which pioneering web video service that he helped create?
2. Expand UWB.
3. What is Cr-48?
4. Name the two parties in the TomorrowNow lawsuit that saw one being awarded nearly $ 1.3 billion!
5. If Amazon makes Kindle, who has Libre and Opuss?
6. Who uses the custom typeface Norad for branding their logo?
7. What is ‘Operation Payback'?
8. What advanced search feature did Google add recently that comes in three levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced?
9. Who makes the Angry Birds game?
10. Sony's new attachment that looks like a machine-gun design and holds the Move motion controller and Navigation controller is called…?

 1. Netflix
2. Ultra-Wideband.
3. A piece of reference hardware created to test the Chrome OS operating system.
4. Oracle and SAP.
5. Aluratek and Bookeen, respectively.
6. Android
7. According to Wikipedia, it is “is a coordinated, decentralised group of attacks on opponents of internet piracy by internet activists”.
8. Searching by “Reading level”.
9. Rovio Mobile.
10. Sharp Shooter.

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